SBA Eternity Crystal

The planning for the shoot went really well. then the next day we phoned them up and planned what to do on the day over the phone. we were booked to go and film on thursday 20th sept. where we planned how long we would be and i’m very  happy i got the timing spot on for the mini bus driver to pick us up.  we had a few little problems with sinking the audio up with the footage as we used a EXT. mic for a better sound quality. the footage is coming along nicely for what the client wants in it.

Dance of the Lava Lamps

So filming on tuesday went really well the battery lasted all night which I was very happy about. And the actor were amazing to work with.

Dance of the Lava Lamps

Well today was meant to shoot the music video. But when picking the equipment up I was not allowed to have a spare battery. The battery I was given was not fully charge. With this it has set me back and now I have to find a new date for my actors and transport for it to be completed.

Dance with the Lava Lamps. Proposal/treatment/verbal pitch

So I did my proposal/treatment it went really well, by how I had my hand drawn images on a slide show so they could see what I was seeing in my mind while I was telling them the story for the music video. I spent a lot of time working on the treatment which I handed to mino to look at while I was doing my proposal. I was the only one to hand my treatment to him. I was really happy that everyone liked my idea, but I am working by my self so I will get the work moving and I find it easy to work by my self sometimes. I am really happy that I got a reply back from Visc to say that they are really happy to have a music video made for them and they were thinking on the same lines as me to make this music video which I am really happy to hear that I had a same idea as them.

Top 10 Greatest Music Video - Task 6

10 - Muse, Uprising. 


People like it by how the editing is different and how there is the use of stop motion and live footage used in the video. It is considered a great music video by how people enjoy the music and the video is amazing by the way the set is getting destroyed. People like it by the way how the band is big also the way the video has been created. It starts off with the band on a back of a car driving through a town and the town starts to explode. The style of the video is destroying everything they pass in the car. The genre is rock. The techniques used is stop motion, slow motion and live filming.

9 - David Guetta ft. Sia, Titanium.


They like that it showed the travels of a supernatural kid running to save him self from society. It is considered a great music video by the way the story of the video correspond’s to the lyrics of the song. It is liked by how it is such a emotional video and it does get you off your seat. it starts off with the kid in a school curled in a ball on the floor. Walks out of the school and the police are out side. Gets on a bike and cycles through the streets to his house where he thinks he is safe, but the police come barging through the door and he runs out the back door into the woods to where he is running till the pitch black night when he gets caught and he uses his powers to save himself. The style of the video is showing how people have to run from everything until they get caught and they find away out of it. The genre is pop, dance, urban and house. The techniques used are the footage sped up with after effects and normal footage.

8 - LMFAO, Sorry for party rocking.


They like it by how it shows that some neighbours are like when a house party is being held. It is considered a great music video by the way that it is so realistic to the point but with a few twists. It is liked by how it gets people up and about in a party. It starts off with an old couple in bed and the man is getting annoyed with the house party going on so he gets out of bed and knocks on the door to see that they just keep partying, then the police comes around and others to join in with the party then the woman joins in with the party. The style is big bright and bold. The genre it dance. The techniques used is green screen with normal footage.

7 - Rihanna, You da one.


They like it by how it shows different problems and how love makes everything great. It is considered a great music video by how it is different and they way it has been created. It is liked by how it is black and white and it is something different to what Rihanna does. Starts off with different shots of Rihanna sat down or standing up caressing herself in different locations. The style is dance and love. The genre is pop and electropop. The techniques used are black and white footage, text on top of the footage and a lot of editing.

6 - Jessie J, Domino.


They like it by how it shows jessie in different styles of cloths and hair. It is considered a great music video by how all the different styles all fit together really well. It is liked by how it can get you up and dancing to the song. It starts off with jessie dancing and as it progresses she changes outfits and different scenery. The style is fashion. The genre is dance-pop and pop rock. The techniques used is moving images on the back wall and different shots.

5 - Christina Perri, Jar of hearts.


They like it by how it is a good song to wine down to. It is considered a great song by how it can be so moving and realistic. It is liked by how this can really happen in relationships. It starts off with christina sat on the steps then showing her jar of hearts it empty, see her boyfriend getting it on with another girl in different locations, the rest of the girls hearts he has taken all side on with Christina. They all gang up on him but he keeps hurting them by confronting them, christina gets back her heart. They style is love and how it can hurt a lot of people. The genre is pop, piano rock, adult contemporary. The techniques used is different lighting on different people and slow motion.

4 - Katy Perry, The one that got away.


They like it by how it is showing what happened in her past. It is considered a great music video by how it is so moving to people and that you can lose the love of your life with in seconds. It is liked by how it shows the past and how quick it is to lose someone out of your life. It starts of with a shot of katy’s house then looking at a cup of tea remembering her past when she would sit down and paint with her boyfriend, goes back to old katy sat on her bed then flash back of herself taking photos then gate crashing a party having a good time then having her heart tattoo being done, going back to old katy caressing her tattoo, then flash back to her lying on the bed getting up, back to old katy lying in a empty bed, wakes up and sees young self, flashback to when they were painting on big canvases and katy doesn’t know what to paint so her boyfriend comes over and forces her to paint so she picks up some red paint and splatters it on to his canvas, then shows young katy and old katy, flashback where he walks out and gets into his car, old katy gets into her car and drives off, flashback of how he died in his car crash old katy going to the crash scene and standing there and she see’s him standing on the other side of the fence holding her hand. The style is how little things can make someone so angry and things can happen easily. The genre is pop. The techniques used is a lot of flashbacks and normal footage.

3 - One Direction, What makes you beautiful.


They like it by how they wish they could be in that location. It is considered a great music video by how it shows kids having a great time in the sun and how most people wish they were there. It is liked by how it shows them having a great time on the beach. It starts off with a shot of the beach then goes to them standing on the edge of the cliff then a shot of them driving down to the beach, singing on the beach having fun in the sea and on the beach, then all the girls come down to the beach and how they are all having fun on the beach, camp fire to end a great day as well as sparklers. The style is people having a fun day and nothing is going to stop them. The genre is teen pop and power pop. The techniques used is normal shots combined together with some over lapping each other.

2 - Pitball ft. Chris Brown, International love. 


They like it by how it shows different places have the same feeling. It is considered a great music video by how there all ways in a different pace like in space. It is liked by how it is a good song to get up to dance to. It starts off with a shot of the earth from space and it zooms in and circles the earth then Pitball and Chris standing there with some girls singing while it changes in between them and the back ground changes. They style is to make it look like they are in different place in love with different people. The genre electro hop and dance-pop. The techniques used are green screen as will as CGI.

1 - Lady Gaga, Judas. 


They like it by how religion can mean anything to do with affairs. It is considered a great music video by how it is moving and how gaga brought back 20thC religion. It is liked by how it is a great song to get in to. It starts off with gaga sat on the back of judas’s motorbike, then stops off in a town and starts to dance and clips of how high she is there still dancing goes to a part where she holds a gun and pulls it out on another man and pulls the trigger and lipstick comes out the end of the gun, she stands on a rock by the sea and a wave comes across and takes her down with other clips in between of gaga bathing her self and how judas is the main leader and everyone cheers for him, goes back to some more dancing then how all the town is stoning her to death. The style of this song is how everyone can all ways get what they want and how religion can still be the same today. The genre is dance and house. The techniques used is slow motion and normal footage.

Top 10 Greatest Music Video - Task 5

I decided to use a simple questionnaire to 20 random people hanging around college.

The questions I asked to them were - What is your favourite music video? And why?

This is short and simple as I can gather what they would want in my music video by what type of style the music videos where chosen by the random 20 people.

Top 10 Greatest Music Video - Task 4

Production research is collecting research to use to create a music video which will fit the public best.

Content is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and viable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the object to bring in profitable customer action. By answering this it would be by using the audience research and putting it all together.

Viability is will the final product going to sell well from all the research you have gathered to create it. By answering this it all depends on how well it is made and if it has targeted the audience the right way they wish it to look like and then you just have to wait to see if it sells well.

Placement media is how you will be showing the product (platforms) so either youtube, tv, ect. By answering this it depends on what you wish to put it onto as some platforms are not as popular as others.

Finance is what money is coming in and what has to go out as of the costs can be high sometimes. By answering this the public have to buy the product in order for the money to come in other wise it could of been a waste of money.

Cost is the amount of money it has taken to create the product, but there are ways to make it cheaper by using objects which are around you everyday. By answering this some people go all big and spend a lot of money to by all the equipment needed for it and other people experiment with day to day objects to make it more fun.

Technological resources is all the programs you need to be able to create the product to make it look as good as what some of the things people are making now as there is a standard for it other wise it will not sell. By answering this the technology used is a really good standard to create the product but it does cost money to get all the programs needed to help create it.

Personnel is what you have brought into the research to say that it is yours and that it shows your own style in the product. By answering this you have to put your own personally into it so when people buying \ seeing it they can say that you did it.

Locations is the places chosen to create it in and to give it a different feel to the product and most of the time different locations in the world are chosen other wise it can start getting boring and people won’t want it. By answering this most films and music videos have different locations to make them into there own little world where people will want to be so they will buy the product to go to that different world.

Top 10 Greatest Music Video - Task 3

Audience research is where different people go to see what the new product is and this is where different answers are given so they can see the range of people they are targeting it at.

Audience data is where you collect information from them and select the right advertising for them to look at to be able to sell what you want them to buy. This would be done by looking at what they do and what things they enjoy the most to target them in the right way for them to want it.

Audience profiling is where you find out the profile of the audience before hand so you can put across the message to the right targeted audience. This would be done by researching into that persons hobbies or what they like and gather all the others people enjoyment’s to make something that most people like.

Demographics is statistical data relating to the public and particular groups with in the public to start targeting the people with in the groups. This would be done by gathering the different groups in the population and targeting a few of them to gather the information and creating a product for them to buy.

Geodemorgraphics is where one area is targeted to gather information to see what the people in that area want to say and it doesn’t matter what they say as the person collecting the information wants to know a hole circle of information. This is done by people going around houses and asking for a quick survey to be completed to see what the residents of that area have to say.

Consumer behaviour is where the study of when, why, how and where people do or don’t buy products and this is where the research comes in handy as they can see where things are going wrong. This would be done by seeing how well it is selling to the public and where the best place to sell it to as it will show you where it is selling more.

Consumer attitudes is the reactions to what people think of what you are selling to them and some may not like it so they will turn a blind eye and will never touch it. This is done by reviews of the product and seeing what people have to say about it.

Audience awareness is where you have to be aware of the audience and so they can see what you are doing and how it is being progressed through out time. This is done by showing little bits of the product still being made to see what there reactions are going to be like and how people will talk about it.

Top 10 Greatest Music Videos - Task 2

Market research is where it is targeted onto a group of people to see what they do and to see what there reactions are to it then they will take it bigger to see what the rest of the market will say.
Product market is where something is made to see what will happen then it will be adapted to what the public will say about it. The way to do this is to bring in a group of people to try it out and see what they think of it and to take there reaction to it and change it to fit the public to the best so that it will sell.

Competition is where other products are being made and you have to make your product to the best standard for it to be able to sell more than your competition. This would be done with free samples and to get popular people to try it out and see what they have to say to it.

Competitor analysis is where someone else comes in and sees the product to get it a close look at and to see what else really needs to be added to it. This would be done by the person in charge of it would bring in someone who knows what they are doing to be able to get it bigger in the world so it will sell that little bit more.

Advertising placement is where the product finally finished has to get an advert to make it that more amazing to sell it to the public on TV as most people watch TV and will see this and would like to try it out. This would be done by bring lots of ideas together to combined them together to get the best results out to the public.

Advertising effects is where there needs to be the effects of the product so people see it and will then want to but it to see them results in them. This is done by the advertising so the audience see it and will most likely want it as it could work on them.